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EFS Hydration Drink Mix

EFS Hydration Drink Mix

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So much more than just a hydration mix

The new EFS provides premium nutrition that supports physical and mental performance for elite athletes, redefining the limits of endurance nutrition so you can redefine the limits of endurance.


  • Suntheanine® boosts mental toughness to help you push through suffering
  • Industry-leading electrolyte content—nothing is better at preventing cramps
  • Carbs from multiple sources provide immediate and sustained fuel
  • 7% osmolality ensures bioavailability and reduces GI distress
  • Citric and malic acids promote oxygen uptake and energy production
  • New taste profile eliminates the flavor vs function compromise


In addition to unlocking the mental game, EFS pushes cramp prevention and continuous fueling to new levels.

It includes all five electrolytes totaling 1,160mg. That’s twice the amount of traditional mixes, and—since we improved the flavor—it tastes great at full concentration (or beyond).

There’s no need to dilute it and supplement with electrolyte tabs just to make it palatable. It’s also got more carbs from more sources, including complex carbs for prolonged energy and high-glycemic carbs for immediate use.

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