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EFS PRO Hydration Drink Mix

EFS PRO Hydration Drink Mix

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When redesigning EFS-PRO, we discarded tradition to establish a new tier of endurance technology that meets the unique requirements of the most driven athletes on the hottest days in the most demanding races.


  • PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH HYDRATION MIX provides more electrolytes, calories, and key nutrients for unparalleled performance on the hottest days and most demanding races
  • SUPPORTS MENTAL TOUGHNESS so you can get the most out every stride, every pedal stroke, and every watt, helping you dig deeper when everyone else is falling apart
  • REFUELS WORKING MUSCLES faster than ever before
  • UNRIVALED ELECTROLYTE CONTENT prevents cramping & helps you hydrate fast
  • NEW TASTE PROFILE eliminates the flavor vs function compromise
  • THE INDUSTRY’S MOST ADVANCED CARBS to keep you fueled without GI distress


We make a big deal about how EFS more than doubles the cramp-preventing electrolyte content of competing mixes, so it’s significant that EFS-PRO provides even more. EFS-PRO’s 1,400mg of electrolytes per serving are unrivaled across the industry, ensuring untimely cramps aren’t the weak link in your training and racing.

Despite its high electrolyte content, EFS-PRO still tastes good, which—we admit—is something we couldn’t always say about our previous mixes. There’s no need to lighten the concentration and substitute with electrolyte tabs just to make it palatable or stave off sweetness fatigue. Like many of you, we came to enjoy and even crave the salty flavor of previous endurance mixes; however, the new EFS-PRO’s reworked flavor profile eliminates the need to acquire a taste for it—it just tastes good, with a light sweetness that isn’t so cloyingly saccharine that ingesting it for several hours in a row becomes yet another race-day obstacle.

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